- Enjoy Marcofrate in exclusive use:

Our place is perfect to be completely rented by small groups of friends or to host family reunions. Our bedrooms, the living room, terrace and garden, all spaces will be there for you to relax and live memorable moments with your beloved ones. As our Guest, we’ll do our best to make your stay as you could wish, with spaces and services tailored for groups. Either you are sport addicted or nature lovers, or if you are looking for a wellness weekend or want to celebrate a special moment, just ask us and we’ll do our best to help you designing the perfect holiday! Here below you can have a glance on our add-on services:
What to eat
If you want, we can take care of lunch and dinner, and breakfast of course. We can also organize local food tastings and special menus. If you prefer to get your meals ready on your own, we’ll provide you with everything you may need, and we can also take care of the grocery, through our local suppliers and farms as much as possible. On top of that, there are amazing restaurants, taverns and bars in the surroundings, and we’ll be happy to book a table for you in our favorite ones. When the weather is good, we can also arrange a barbeque or a pic-nic. .
What to do:
We are always glad to involve our Guests in our daily activities, and if you are many, we can also arrange a group experience, depending on the season. The Umbrian territory offers many opportunities to live the local life and taste our traditions; we are never tired to explore our beautiful region and to discover its many places and lifestyles, most of our recommendations are coming from our direct experience. If you wish to plan a themed weekend or simply add to your stay a special activity like dancing or acting sessions, pilates or other disciplines and need a trainer or a support in organizing it, go creative and let us know!

- At disposal of all Guests:

What is always included in our rates:
Comfortable bed for great sleeps / Healty and rich breakfast, with dedicated adjustments according to your taste and habits, and a special kids menu (yes, indeed, we cannot deny the famous...and not so local...hazelnut cocoa spread…) / minerals upon arrival and then on request, we hate waste) / cleaning procedures according to current protocols and with the maximum care for our environment / natural and gentle biodegradable soaps Please note that the phone signal and internet is very poor here, especially in the bedrooms! Feel free to ask any question on this, for our Guests this is usually a plus, but we prefer you to know it.

What we plan from time to time:
Throughout the year we arrange special weekends according to the seasons; if you wish a full dive in rural life or to spend some days in complete harmony with Nature, check-out our calendar and join us.

The Chapel
Named to Madonna Annunziata, our small chapel is a link to the history of our tiny village, it has always been the social and religious centre of the little community and a trace of the deep connection with the franciscan world.

- Activities with us

A morning with the Lumberjack

(timeframe is subject to season)

Few comments on wood cutting techniques while walking to the woods: which trees, how to proceed, instruments, regulations, etc.

the morning will happen in the Marcofrate property woods, enriched by songs of robins and the pure air of the Subasio park: cutting trees and chopping woodfor heating, smelling woods fragrances, getting to know the most common trees of the area

Lasts approximately 2,5 hours /trekking garments required

Harvesting and usage of wild herbs

(timeframe is subject to season)

Walk to discover Subasio wild herbs, in the Umbrian peace and silence

While walking, we'll go through their healing factors and the usage methods

Lasts approximately 2,5 hours /Light trekking garments required

Easy walks based on seasonality

…evening walk meeting the fireflies

…wild blackberries harvesting

…Juniper and Rosehip

…quick walk to the river

- Local trails and nearby places

Walk to San Giovanni di Collepino “our pink Paradise spot”
What to see:

The littleSan Giovanni di Collepino village, perfectly mantained, one of the Subasio park jewels

The Buccilli Mill and the Pollo mill ruins

Easily you will meet wild animals, such as roe deers, hares, foxes, boars, pheasants, buzzards

Untouched and protected forests

The Anna ditch

From the San Giovanni lookout you can look at all the hills around you, the hidden side of the Subasio mountain and...enjoy an enchanting silence

From Marcofrate: the walk lasts 40 minutes

Eremo della Trasfigurazione o Piccole Sorelle Di Maria (Abbazia di San Silvestro al Subasio)

What to see:

Hermitage, Cript and Abbey (1015 d.c.)

Madonna di Colpineri Church

Easily you will meet wild animals, such as roe deers, hares, foxes, boars, pheasants, buzzards

Untouched and protected forests

Surprising views from the path on the Subasio park

The last part of the trail has been recently restored, and will bring you through the peaceful grove to the Hermitage, walking on wooden bridges and stairs

From Marcofrate the walk lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes, from Collepino is 25 minutes

Ancient roman aqueduct of Spello (trail 352)
What to see:

The walk goes along the old aqueduct, through olive trees. You will enjoy enchanting views and quotes telling you more about the place and the trail.

Almost completely flat, with several lookout and rest areas; don't miss the ancient roman bench, known as the "millenary bench"

While walking, several horses will say hello from their tracks.

From Collepino to Spello: 1 hour and a half

Madonna della Spella and Subasio mountain peak

What to see:

Church of Madonna della Spella

the Mortari, two deep sinkholes

Overlooking the entire Umbrian valley

The top of the Subasio is home to many free horses, the real masters of the mountain

Winter is a special season here, to better appreciate silence and solitude

Slightly going further, you will meet the Bregno water source

From Collepino, approximately 2 hours 20 minutes

Trail to Nottiano and Madonna del Buonconsiglio
What to see:

Nottiano Castle

The Chapel of Madonna del Buonconsiglio

The trail brings you throug many grades, rich of many essences and plants; it will pass by the Cerque Grosse area, a nice picnic area with barbeque and kids area

There is an old trough along the way

Nearby CerqueGrosse, slightly deviating the walk, you will see the ruins of the Pollo mill, which is also named Salari mill in a map from 1772

From Marcofrate, about 1 hour 10 minutes