The origins of Marcofrate as a site can be traced back to the pre-Romans age and the name comes from...our building, which is dated back from the 15th Century. The name seems to come from Frate Marco, heart of a small Franciscan cell which had its center right here. Our house has always been the heart of this small village, a safe shelter and a warm family manor, both spiritual place and a colorful farmer’s house, where days where rich of work and life, and where humans and animals shared their days surrounded by the spectacular hills of this area, facing the old Monte Subasio and the green woods behind Assisi. While you are here, you can feel that the atmosphere has not changed that much.
We have renovated the house with all the respect and attention it deserved, our aim has been to keep its charm and grace, an overwhelming mix of quiet and life, of silence and simple friendliness which brings you to slow down and enjoy little moments without needing anything else.
The tiny village is dominating the valley and nestled in the woods. Two small torrents close our property on two sides, bringing down to the main town fresh water from nearby springs; most of the time the fragrant music of the streams will be the only sound of the valley and will drive you to close your eyes and start regenerating your mind and soul.
In our property you will also find the tiny chapel named to Madonna Annunziata, built on the 16th Century on a pagan religious spot.

...and its custodians

We were looking for our place, and we’ve found it here, inside the ancient walls of Marcofrate, after many years living in very different places, between Milano, Verona, Firenze, and the Middle East.
We believe in simplicity. Our lives have always been intense, and they are still, but today we have less distractions from the important things, and the rythm of our days is made of nature, of work and by the visits of travelers like you.
We live in the property, but the Guests entrance is completely separate.
We’ll be there to welcome you upon arrival and we’ll makes ourselves available whenever you need us.
Either you’ll reserve a room or the entire house, you’ll always find us around, should you need advice for your daily plans, to organize a special surprise or simply to share some thoughts.
We care for you to have a pleasant stay, breathe clean air, eat well, sleep richly. What else matters?